Parody of the Matt Drudge website blog.
Obama bows to One World Government
Obama once again bowed to foreign heads of state. Obama lowered his head below the heads of the heads of state that have always looked up to the US. Obama has taken the lead to equate all governments to equal status by lowering this head as a symbol of the US lowering it's power and prestige.

Obama said, like it or not the US remains a super power. When Obama lowers his head and bows and the US is lowered in stature; all governments and nations will be equal. The equaling of the playing field is necessary for the one world government to take hold with no nation above or below others. Regardless of which countries are located north or south to each other.

The one world government is being orchestrated one bow at a time to lower the US; and other nations are being empowered to equal that of the west and the US.
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