Parody of the Matt Drudge website blog.
Al Gore makes more global warming threats
AlGore, the ex vice President made more global warming threats at the global warming conference of UN, political scientists, political weathermen, political theorists, political geologists, political ice scientists, political polar bear experts and other political experts in the global warming industry. Al Gore said in just 5 years ice will be gone in the north pole leaving Santa and his Elves as well as Mrs Claus to need a raft or a house boat to continue his work at the north pole. Al Gore said polar bears will be most effected and chastised children to tell your mommy that Polar bears are people too and have a need for Al Gore's latest global warming business, Polar Bear life jackets. Al Gore said his newest venture global warming business will be very profitable as kids from all across the globe raise money to buy the all white inflatable life jackets for the white polar bears. Asked how Al Gore will get the Polar bears to put on the jackets, AlGore repeated over and over again, what? they don't see the risk of drowning from the melting icebergs?